(Fellas Check The Pics) Melissa Debling Got A*s & T*ts For Days!!!!


Fellas, hit the gallery and enjoy!

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(Video) Chris Brown Will Donate “Royalty” Proceeds to Children’s Miracle Network


Although the album named after his beauty queen daughter Royalty will not be available until December 18th, Chris Brown has a present that will last up until Christmas. Check out the Video Chris Breezy posted to show the world how he’s giving back this Christmas.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Christina Milian Shows Us That Her Panties Are Too Small On SnapChat


Snapchat has opened up doors for us to be able to watch celebrity’s every moves via the app.

Luckily for us, Christina Milian decided to make a video showing us that her new panties were a tad bit too small. Check the screenshots in the gallery!

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Nutella Refuses To Put 5-Year-Olds Name On Custom Jar


Apparently Nutella has an issue with the name Isis. They refuse to customize a 5-year-old’s Nutella jar because her name is Isis. I think Nutella is going a little bit to far if you ask me. I mean, this is just her name on a jar, theres not much harm in that is it?

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(Video) Really Now? : White Fox News Co-Host Asks Black Co-Host If She ‘Makes Kool-Aid’


My God, this really couldn’t have been any more awkward, the little girl’s face says it all. It’s actually so awkward that for the slightest second you almost feel bad for him but then that goes away just as fast as it came. I guess this host thought it was necessary to play into the stereotype that all African Americans drink Kool-Aid, having no beef to ask the African American host if she was sippin’ on Kool-Aid with her well cooked meal; look into the article to see this subtle racism at it’s finest, smh.

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NBA: Lebron James Admits He Has A Career Goal To Be On A Team That Wins 70 Games


Welp, it won’t happen this season but Lebron James is still holding out hope that he will play on a team like the Bulls from 95-96 and win at least 70 games. That team as you know went 72-10 en route to the best season in NBA history. I doubt Lebron will ever be part of a team like that before he retires but he can dream.

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(Photo) Jussies Mollett & More Model For Black Fridays New “Sean Jean Fashion Show”


Like the Title of one of his recently performed hit singles, it’s no doubt about it Diddy has been “Workin”! Sean “Diddy” Combs shows the world yet again, what it means to be an entrepreneur and a smart business man. Just in time for Black Friday, Sean John launches an all new line of clothing with the worlds favorite Jamal from empire Jussies Mollett.

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Man Kills Dad And Stabs Mom For Not Getting Him Fast Food


A Louisiana man will be facing murder charges after he killed his father and stabbed his mother for not including him in on a fast food run. Smh! The crazy things people do. Robert Pritchett will be facing second degree murder charges, attempted second degree murder charges and also auto theft.

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Sports: Holly Holm Says If She Fights Ronda Rousey Ten Times, She Will Win Every Time


This isn’t exactly severe trash talking but still noteworthy. Holly Holm, still fresh off her beat down of Ronda Rousey, hasn’t really done much talking about things between the two fighters. She has been pretty quiet so the fact she said she would beat her ten times of course drew attention. Realistically though, what is she supposed to say?

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(Photo) Scott Spends Thanksgiving With Kourtney & The Family


Although the split of Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick may seem messy and unforgivable to some, the Kardashian/Jenner/ Disick family prove to us all once again that no matter what, family comes first. In case you missed it while you were enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, Kim and a few other Kardashian’s shared their Thanksgiving family photo which included Caitlyn Jenner & Scott Disick.

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