(Video) Madonna Makes A Very Controversial Comment

Madonna x TIDAL

We all know that Madonna is a little extra and controversial but I think last night she made the most controversial statement.

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(Video) DC Young Fly Comes For Soulja Boy


This is just not the year for Soulja Boy. Seems like he has beef with the world! From Lil Yachty, to Shia LaBeouf, to Quavo, to now DC Young Fly. We know DC is the king of stacks. He never holds back. He has now decided to roast Soulja Boy. Soulja was not with it as he told DC he could catch it too.

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(Video) Shirley Caesar Files $5 Million Lawsuit Over Viral #UNameItChallenge

Via Youtube

Shirley Caesar, the woman behind the viral “You Name It” challenge is now set to sue DJ Suede for creating an “unauthorized use” of her performance. Her legal team claims that the video has cost Caesar over $5 million.

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#MusicStillMatters New Music: Gucci Mane – Stutter


Gucci Mane is gearing up to drop his new project, “The Return Of East Atlanta Santa” on December 16th. This will be his third album that he released this year. Today he released his new single, “Stutter.” Listen to the track below and pre-order the album on iTunes now.

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Boxing: Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay $175,000 For Leaked Sex Tape


A leaked sex tape from Adrien Broner’s phone just cost the boxer $175,000 in court. Broner had made the video with two willing women but neither of them ever consented to Broner showing it to the public. The sex tape somehow made it’s way to World Star but Broner denied he was the one who uploaded it because he had lost that phone. The jury actually sided with him but still found him negligent.

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(Photos) NFL: Brandon Marshall Reveals Racist Hate Mail He Received After Taking Knee During National Anthem


Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos took a ton of heat for deciding to take a knee during the national anthem of their first game this season, saying he supported what Colin Kaepernick was trying to do. He has since backed off that stance and doesn’t take a knee anymore but that doesn’t mean his beliefs have changed. It’s kind of hard for someone like Marshall to take everyone’s opinion into consideration when he gets hate filled letters like this. Marshall shared a few letters on his Instagram account that are full of sickening, racist messages, even telling him to go back to Africa, that he received after he took that knee. It’s letters like this from idiots out there that further show the reason Marshall was taking the knee in the first place.

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(Photos) NBA: Ben Simmons Sister Goes Off On Twitter, Says Ben Has Turned His Back On Those Who Helped Him


photo credit How many times have we heard the same story about someone becoming a famous athlete, singer, actor or whatever, only to have claims from their family and friends that they changed and forgot who they really were. Unfortunately its a tale that happens quite often and you never really know what the truth is or not. Did the person really change after they got some fame? Or do family members just feel scorned and left behind even if that’s not really the case? Ben Simmons is currently dealing with that type of issue after his sister went off on a twitter rant about how he turned his back on everyone who helped get him to where he is today.

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(Video) NBA: Adult Tries To Steal Steph Curry Autographed Sneaker Meant For Young Fan


photo credit After Warriors home games, many fans hang around well after the game is over in hopes of snagging something from the players as they walk by, like a headband, wristband, towel and so on. Last night, Steph Curry stepped it up a notch and took off his game worn kicks and autographed each one and attempted to hand them out to young fans in the crowd. He was able to accomplish his mission and no doubt a couple kids went home with a memory they will never forget but it was almost ruined by an adult who was too thirsty for their own souvenir.

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#MusicStillMatters Album Stream: CJ Fly – Flytrap


Amongst some of today’s great project releases Brooklyn’s CJ Fly delivers his new LP “Flytrap” available for stream below.

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(Video) Ne-Yo Says He’ll Perform at Trump’s Inauguration

As many African-American singers have stated, they wouldn’t sing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. However, not Ne-Yo. Even though Ne-Yo doesn’t support Donald Trump, he said he would sing at it.

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