(Video) NBA: Is Chris Bosh Back?


According to “official” statements, Bosh is not “officially” back, but check out what he and his wife have to say about it…

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Scientist Find Something Very Interesting While Searching For Aliens


Scientist are now doing research on a mysterious radio signal found while searching for aliens. The signal came from the direction of one of the stars in the constellation called Hercules, which is 95 light years away from Earth.

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(Video) NBA: John Salley Says Weed Could Have Kept Him Playing Longer


Remember when we posted about Eugene Monroe a few weeks ago? Marijuana and athletes? Well, John Salley agrees and thinks it would have given him some added longevity in the NBA.

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(Photos) NASCAR: Tony Stewart Blasted On Twitter Behind Kaepernick Comment


So…remember when NASCAR driver Tony Steward um…KILLED A GUY and got away with it?? Well, he, much like everyone else has an opinion about Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem and his stance on police brutality. Well…everyone else has an opinion about Stewart’s opinion…

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#MusicStillMatters New Music: DeJ Loaf – Phone Down (Remix)


DeJ Loaf is back to hit her fans with a Dejmix! The Detroit rapper remixed Erykah Badu’s “Phone Down” which samples Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever”. Check out Dej Loaf put her own twist on the record!

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Dame Dash Is Coming Up With A ‘Brutally Honest’ TV Series About the Rise of Roc-A-Fella


Many people i’m sure are curious to know what happened between Dame Dash and the whole Roc-a-Fella team. Well Dash is now working on a ‘brutally honest’ television series about the rise of the whole story.

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(Video) Rudy Giuliani Says He Has Saved More Black People Than Anyone That Has Hit The VMA Stage


Rudy Giuliani has once again voiced his crazy opinions. He must have something against Beyonce because he always seem to be bashing her. He first spoke on her Super Bowl performance calling it an ‘attack’ on police. He now is speaking out on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement calling it ‘inherently racist.’

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(Photo) Kool DJ Red Alert Celebrates 30 Years At Union Square


On August 29th, 1986 one of the most iconic clubs representing hip-hop in NYC opened it’s doors, giving the newer generation of artists a platform to show off their stuff. This laid the foundation for what many call the golden age of hip-hop. From Boogie Down Production, Biz Markie, Eric B & Rakim, Just-Ice, Stetsasonic Salt-N-Pepa, U.T.F.O, Ultra Magnetic & many more, Union Square set a trend of having legendary performing artists. The performances weren’t the only luxury Union Square had to offer, as the music lead to a great party atmosphere which brought people from all 5 NYC boros together. Spinning at the club was the legend himself and hottest NYC DJ at the time, 98.7 KISS FM’s own Kool DJ Red Alert (now with WBLS). Red went on to break many artists under his Red Alert Productions management company. Union Square was also the spot where the Violators first formed as part of Red Alert’s entourage named by Red for their reputations for stealing other guys girlfriends. When you mention the mystic of Union Square, Kool DJ Red Alert has to go hand and hand. Any mention of the golden age of hip-hop should include these two iconic names. Big congrats to Union Square for 30 years to the day the doors opened to pave the way for hip-hop and DJs in NYC and around the world. Be sure to check out Red’s Master Mix Party celebrating the occasion. Ryan Flannery (Twitter:@Flannery15)

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(Video) NFL: Schilling And Trump Weigh In On Kaepernick’s National Anthem Decision


My best guess is that neither Trump’s nor uber Trump supporter Curt Schilling’s opinions on Colin Kaepernick’s decision to forego standing for the National Anthem will shock you, but go ahead and listen anyway. You might learn something.

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(Photo) Anderson.Paak Speaks On Lil Yachty’s Hip-Hop Knowledge


Lil Yachty recently stated that he did not know 5 Biggie or Pac songs. People have been going in on Yachty calling that disrespectful. Anderson.Paak has been the latest person to comment on the statement.

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