(Video) Tamar Not Feeling The Chinese Spot


Tamar went to get Chinese food, and is upset because the person cooking it isn’t Chinese.

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(Video) Rihanna Always About That 420 Life


During a performance while Rihanna was talking to her fans, she read a sign from one of the fans.

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(Video/Photos) Sports: Serena Williams Shows Off Poolside In Her Black Bikini


Serena Williams finally got a chance to relax and enjoy her pool after a grueling schedule that saw her win her 22nd Grand Slam at Wimbledon earlier this month and lucky for us she shared her time with us on Snapchat. She talked about having some down time and relaxing at the pool being her favorite thing, especially before the Olympics start but the star of the show is her black bikini that we are thankful she showed off. Make sure to check the gallery!

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(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Looks Like He Hates His Olympic Teammates As They Sing “A Thousand Miles”


Team USA is in their bonding stage and despite being enemies during the regular season, the crew seems to be having a great time together. Everyone that is except for the teams elder statesman in Carmelo Anthony. I’m kidding about that but he certainly looked like he hated his younger teammates guts as they broke out singing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton on the team plane.

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(Photo) Tammy And Waka Are Cool Now


Well it seems that Waka and Tammy set their differences aside. Tammy was hung over from celebrating her bday and received a surprise.

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(Video) NBA: Michael Jordan Doesn’t Miss A Shot After Bet From CP3 Would Give Campers Free Jordans


In case you though the GOAT fell off in his older age, Michael Jordan channeled his competitive spirit and put on a shooting display thanks to a challenge from Chris Paul. CP3 bet his airness that if he missed three shots, all the kids at his Michael Jordan Flight School basketball camp would get a pair of Jordans for free. Let’s just say there are a bunch of unhappy kids because Jordan didn’t miss a single shot.

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Congrats To Illinois As They Become The 21st To Decriminalize Marijuana!


Four years after Chicago decriminalizes weed it’s home state did excatly the same. Illinois residents who get caught with up to 10 grams or less will no longer have to face jail time, the most a person will get as a consequence is a fine up to $200.

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St. Louis Journalist Fired For Writing Offensive Comments About Mike Brown’s Mother


SMH! Some people just don’t know when to stop crossing the line. Hit the jump to check out his comments. *Warning* You will get tight reading it.

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(Video) Malia Obama Twerks And Lets Just Say Shows More Than She Should At Lollapalooza

IFWT_Malia Obama

Malia Obama has been on the headlines lately. Seems like she does not plan to slow down. While at Lollapalooza she was being recorded by a fan and decided to twerk a lil sum. But while twerking a lil sum, she showed a whole lot. Check in after the jump to see the video.

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(Video) Rihanna Dives Into Her Fans For The New “Goodnight Gotham” Video


Rihanna said, minutes before she got mobbed by her fans, “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done”. I’ll tell you one thing, it takes a lot of courage to do this. This could’ve turned out so wrong but a lituation flourished amongst Rhianna and the people of Paris.

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