Iphone fits in the case, from the front(not shown), and Bluetooth goes in the back

You can check out the ID8-Mobile website at www.id8-mobile.com.
– this is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth headset
– it folds flat and docks right on the case for the phone (iphone)
– the upside is that the headset is always with you (instead of in the
ashtray with a dead battery – right?)
– it charges on the case when you charge your phone – uses a regular
USB cable, which is included
The whole system fixes the problems with Bluetooth headsets – you
don’t loose this one, and you remember to charge it.
Down the road, ID8 will build headsets for other phones (Blackberry,
Android…) for 2011.
Nice angle for drivers too – MoGo Talk makes it easy to do the right
thing and use the phone hands-free so you can keep your hands on the
wheel and eyes on the road.
MoGo Talk for iPhone 4 will be in Apple Stores and J&R in NYC around
the end of this month.


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