Ok so I(@TatWza) got this Less then 24 hours ago and I recognize that this App has MEGA Potential!!! A Messenger App that is CROSS Platform Meaning that you on your Blackberry can message them on iPhone or there Android Device & Vica Versa!!!!!

It’s called KiK Messenger at KiK.com. Now it’s not Totally where its gonna be yetbut trust when they work out all the bugs its gonna be crazy!!!

If you download it from your handset and set up an account then your ready to start adding contacts, now it differ from BBM in that you dont just add a contact from your address book, but from the Directory of user names enlisted in the App already(Account set up). As soon as they are in your contacts you can start chatting no matter the device, and for the record its Device only right now!! See what the Company KiK has to say about it @TatWza Oh and once you get an account my KiK user name is TatWza

New Version of Kik MessengerPosted on October 19, 2010 by Tera Kristen Hey Kiksters –

I had a nice, lovely blog post all ready for you – which was accidentally deleted so this is my fresh start. Ah, fresh starts – scary aren’t they? There has been a lot of confusion about the new version of Kik so please let me take the time to explain the changes to you.

First, I want to explain the reason for removing the SMS messaging. We desperately wanted to be able to offer our application worldwide and in order to do that we needed to remove the ability to send SMS messages with it. We see the beauty of Kik Messenger as being able to send lightning fast, reliable messages to anyone with a smartphone. Considering most people have a text messaging plan – we thought we would help them out in a different way by letting them be able to message their friends and family around the world for free. We hope with time you will see the value of this feature and I’m very sorry for any inconvenience caused to people (hey, even I need to find a new way to message my long-distance boyfriend’s dumbphone!).

There have also been changes to registration. Everyone upgrading to the new version is required to create a new account by entering in their email, name and a username of their choosing (get ‘em while they’re hot!). Now, that username will be what you use to share your Kik credentials with someone (as opposed to Kik Codes).

Now, that brings me to the point of the Contact list. Yes, it is empty. No, it will not stay that way. Because of the enormous changes between the old and new system they are not compatible. That means that any of your friends with Kik Messenger who are still using the old version (which they won’t be able to use for long) cannot speak to you on the new version. But, as your friends upgrade (they will! I swear!) you will be notified and your contact list will start to grow. You can also put the pressure on by sending email invites from Kik Messenger!

So, Kiksters, I sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by this upgrade. It is painful right now – but I swear you will come to love the insanely fast messaging application that lets you talk to more friends around the world. Today has been a day of lessons and I promise this will never happen again! As a start-up company we learn something new everyday – today has been particularly saturated! Let me know what you think of everything in the comments

Also, if you’re having trouble downloading from the stores please go to http://www.kik.com/m from your phones.

P.S. There’s something much bigger coming from Kik. We just wanted to get a beautiful, stable messaging client out to all the people that have been supporting us since day 1. We got something for you soon – stay tuned!