Smartphone Navigation is Big in Road travel nowadays, with apps like Google maps, and whatever carrier navigator ie vzw navigator, and so There are other universal Windshield mounts for Smartphones to help with that navigation so your phone isn’t just whipping around on the dash to the floor making you pick it up, taking your eyes off the road(causing accidents), But the Parrot Minikit Windshield mount is more than just a universal mount! It has an integrated speaker and telescoping microphone that connects to your phone over Bluetooth, boosting your phones lower internal speaker so that you can better hear directions and, of course, make hands-free calls. There’s also a USB pass-through, so that you can not only charge this unit while driving but charge your phone! This thing is Pretty Cool but when you take your phone out, be sure to take the mount out too, because it goes for $129, and car thieves would break in just for that!!!


Parrot MINIKIT Smart: Get More Out of Your Smartphone!

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Nov. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — In order to fully benefit from telephone and navigation capabilities of Smartphones, Parrot, leader of wireless peripherals for mobile phones, created the first Bluetooth hands-free and multifunction kit adapted to all models and compatible with all operating systems: Parrot MINIKIT Smart.

A docking bay for all Smartphones

The Parrot MINIKIT Smart is a Bluetooth® hands-free kit for the vehicle with a docking bay designed for all Smartphones, whatever their size (from 56mm to 70mm width).

The connection between the two devices is done via Bluetooth and the MINIKIT Smart can simultaneously manage hands-free conversations and navigation applications available on Smartphones. Calls and GPS guidance will be broadcast through the 2W speaker integrated in the MINIKIT Smart.

Depending on the capability of each Smartphone, the MINIKIT Smart could put on hold the GPS functions, and restart them once the conversation ends.

MINIKIT Smart is compatible with all navigation software available (free or paid) and all operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Bada, etc.

The MINIKIT Smart allows drivers and passengers to always be reachable and not lose their way, even on long trips. When the Smartphone is docked in the MINIKIT Smart, it can recharge via one of the USB cables included in the box. (Micro USB, Mini USB, Apple).

A smart solution, with no installation

The Parrot MINIKIT Smart is equipped with a swiveling suction cup to be fixed on the windshield or the dashboard of the vehicle. The docking bay is equipped with a magnet for quick and easy positioning.

Once positioned, the MINIKIT Smart can be set to portrait or landscape mode so that the screen of the Smartphone is easily seen by the driver.

To enable high-quality conversations, the MINIKIT Smart is equipped with a retractable microphone that can be positioned according to the interior of the vehicle. The Parrot MINIKIT Smart has one-week autonomy on standby, 10 hours of talk time and can be recharged using the in-vehicle DC power outlet.

Advanced hands-free functionalities

Once paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the MINIKIT Smart synchronizes and automatically updates its phonebook. The MINIKIT Smart can store up to 10 different phone books (2,000 contacts per Smartphone), and can then be used by several drivers.

Thanks to the voice synthesis of the names and a voice recognition system that requires no prior training or installation, the phonebook is available without changing any settings on the Smartphone.

To call one of the contacts in the phonebook, simply say the name and the MINIKIT Smart will dial the number. If several numbers are associated with a contact, the MINIKIT Smart will offer options and the user can vocally choose one.

Price and availability: Parrot MINIKIT Smart will be available in November 2010 at $129.99 MSRP through,, 6th Avenue Electronics, Car Toys Al & Ed’s, ABT Electronics, Car Toys, 6th Avenue Electronics, Fry’s Electronics, Bell Canada and

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