It’s been a Long Headache in the making, people arguing on both sides, Cell Phones Giving off Radation to your head while your on the Jack, Is it true or not true? What Can you do, you need your Cell especially in this day and age, but you don’t want to get a brain tumer!! Well Casemate’s taking no chances whatsoever, they have collaborated with Pong, a company that makes its ends by “protecting users of cellular telephones from the potentially harmful effects of radiation exposure”, the Bounce was born. For all intents and purposes, it’s a simplistic form-fitting iPhone 4 case (BlackBerry models are en route), available in a foursome of hues and tested to reduce normal cellphone radiation (SAR) by at least 60 percent. Purportedly, the case can redirect your phone’s electromagnetic energy away from your head…Hope Nobody is sitting next to you to take the heat for you!!! It has a price of $49.99 Which is nothing to help save you life!!!!