The B.E.P. really know what they’re doing!! Their music has been beyond successful as a group and and Fergie both have also had great success as solo artists. Now a few members are branching into two new aspects of business…the book and movie world. will do voiceovers for the upcoming cartoon (which is set to be a full-length film) and other notable actors including Tracy Morgan, Anne Hathaway and more will also lend their voice. The flick, centered around a little boy named Blue and his friend Jewel on their mission to Brazil, is set to hit theaters in April.

Group member Taboo is working on his new book as well. It will be an autobiography detailing his rise to fame with the BEP and the demons he fought along the way. Titled “Fallin Up: My Story,” the book is set to hit stores February 8th. Hit the jump for the link to pre-order your copy.


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