According to the Cincinnatti Enquirer, motorist John Harmon was on his way home from work when his blood-sugar got too low. As a diabetic, this meant trouble, and Harmon’s vehicle veered into another lane. A nearby Hamilton, Ohio sheriff’s deputy spotted the unintentional maneuver and pulled him over. The officer then approached the car with his gun drawn and screamed at Harmon before smashing his window open.

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Harmon, 52, was then cut out of his seatbelt and dragged him to the ground. On the way down, his elbow was severely dislocated but the pain didn’t end there. During this process he received seven shocks from a Tazer and kicked in the head… all while cowering on the ground in pain. According to the account, an Ohio Highway Patrol Officer arrived on the scene and was shocked to find Harmon being treated in this manner. He separated the officers from Harmon, only to discover Harmon’s diabetics.

Harmon is currently suing the sheriff’s office, but the officers are all still working. In fact, the original officer on the scene filed felony charges against Harmon and his boss signed off on them.
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