German wheel manufacturer BBS has declared bankruptcy, and it’s not the first time. Back in 2007, BBS was plagued with financial difficulties but Punch International stepped in to provide much-needed capital.


The news of a second bankruptcy, which was filed on December 30, apparently came as a shock to the hundreds of employees and even corporate partner IG Metall. The latter was getting ready to put a few million bucks into BBS and rival company Ronal was ready to buy BBS’ Herbolzheim factory. We can only hope that BBS makes a strong recovery and we’re not forced to look at BBS Bear wheels.

*UPDATE: An official from BBS reached out to Autoblog and gave greater insight into this move. Here is what they wanted to share:

“In Germany, BBS has filed for restructuring (Similar to the US Chapter 11) and at the same time they have a LOI with Ronal to buy the BBS plant in Herbolzheim. (Herbolzheim is the production facility for standard OEM high volume production.)

The intent of BBS is to re-focus on our core business in Schiltach; Motorsports, OES business (Ferrari, Porsche, etc… and including our US based programs with Ford, Toyota, etc.), High-end aftermarket and Technology development. (Schiltach is the BBS headquarters responsible for all engineering, development, high-end and specialty production, etc.)

BBS began life as a “Racing wheel” company (in Schiltach) over 40 years ago, several years later they began producing aftermarket wheels and a few years later they were producing “Specialty” OE wheels (OES).

BBS is just returning to its core business.”