As we all know Lady Gaga is crazy on the fashion scene with unforgettable outfits and outlandish style; like her meat dress, hair bow, and sunglasses that light cigarettes. She’s taking it to the next level with her own line in which she teams up with Polaroid. Gaga’s “Grey Label” collabo with Polaroid hit Vegas at CES. I’m sure all Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” will be lined up to get a pair of these. Hit the jump to find out more about these Polaroid Sunglasses and what they can do.

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Once the lenses on the Polaroid Sunglasses are turned on tiny twin screens appear in each lens, and Gaga explained that the futuristic accessories can snap photos and capture video, and are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and a USB connector.

Gaga also showed off a sleek, portable photo printer about the size of a clock radio that allows users to instantly print physical copies of smartphone pics using Bluetooth technology — although the device isn’t iPhone compatible. Gaga said the invention was inspired by seeing the legions of concertgoers thrusting camera phones in the air at her shows. She then demonstrated the nifty printer by snapping a picture of the assembled crowd of Gaga-ites and gadget heads — playfully barking, “Smile! You’re so f—ing famous! — and brandishing a glossy image minutes later from the mini-machine. According to a Polaroid executive, the product should be available in May.

Then Lady Gaga showed off a suitably stylish and social media-friendly revamp of the classic Polaroid instant camera that she said would eventually allow photogs to directly share images on Facebook and Twitter. The product is slated to hit shelves around Christmas.