In late 2009, Scion turned over one of its xB box-wagons to Giant Robot magazine publisher Eric Nakamura, and the result is way cooler than any Release Series Scion xB the company has ever turned out. After all, how could you possibly not love a customized car that was inspired by Japan’s Nintendo Famicon Gaming System and its eight bits of raw processing power?


Awesome features abound, such as the doors that are operated by big red buttons reminiscent of the ones used on Nintendo’s 80’s-era game controllers, each of which is programmed to make its own period-correct sound. The whole shebang is powered by its own video game cartridge, and there are game controllers in each of the two front seats that allow the passengers to play video games projected from the left front headlight.

Rear-seat passengers needn’t worry, as they get their own separate lounge complete with controllers and a rear-mounted projector. Perhaps best of all, the car is completely operational – once the correct cartridge is inserted, naturally – and it was road tested once before going on display.