The Pioneer DDJ-T1 will arrive in February 2011 with a price tag of $1299, while the DDJ-S1 will be released in March for a heavier  $1599.  We’ve got all of the solid facts and specifications, along with better pictures of these new controllers


Those of you who had keen eyes on our the leaked image of the DDJ-S1 in our previous post noticed that there was a Serato ITCH logo printed on it- and we’re sad to say that all indications point to the fact that the S1 isn’t going to act as a SSL box, leaving dedicated Scratch Live users in the dust again when it comes to providing a one-stop piece of kit. The S1 is clearly designed for a two deck mixing style, and while it does have a Mic and Mic2/Aux input, they’re not treated like independent channels whatsoever.

Despite the lack of four decks, there are a number of nice features on the unit, including buttons for instant doubling of tracks from one deck to the other, a needle strip search with a red LED progress bar (“Playing Address feature”) above it, a alphabetical search function using the same needle strip control, and a beat grid adjust that is mapped as a shift-function for the jog wheels.