This story went so wrong for shorty. LOL!! At LEAST she is 18, though! Ha! So this girl thinks she’s being cute and sends a “fellas check the pic” kinda pic (if ya know what I mean!) to a guy…but turns out he has a girl. Said girl intercepts the pic, and to get revenge…posts it on Facebook for all the world to see!! LOL!! (Sounds like something I’d do…ha!) This girl freaks out, calls Facebook to get it down…and since they weren’t moving quick enough, calls police and tells them she’s a minor…thinking it would expedite the process. Nice thought but…bad idea!! An officer learned Nicholson’s actual age through Bureau of Motor Vehicle records, while typing up the incident report. Nicholson was arrested for false reporting and is being held in jail awaiting a $500 cash bond. Moral of the story??? DON’T TAKE CRAZY PICS!! LOL!!