This is how Tech went down this Week….I Love this stuff ya’ll!!!!! See the Details.

Government Seizures

iPad 2 Spotted In Public

Playstation Phone Commercial

Xoom At Best Buy Feb 24th

Xbox Controller Exo-Suit For Sale

Hk Terminator Eat Your Heart Out!!

Robot Helps Boy Go To School

Simpsons McBain Movie

Playstation Phone Store Display

iPad Gets A Partner

Cool Internet Calling

DIY Death Ray

Karma Sutra For Laptop

Water Powered Jet Pack

Digital OCD

Android #1 Wordwide

Bloggie Touch For Mac

Homemade Arcade

Tmobile Dell Streak 7

Silver Satin PS3

Ochocinco Gets Xoom

Sony PS Move on PC

Real Translator Concept

Motorola Atrix Dock

Pay With iPhone

Watch The Bullets Fly

The Daily Launches

MotoBlur Update Coming

Google Maps Check-In

Google Android Event

Update on Verizon iPhone

On-Line Android Market

Luxury Gaming

BMW’s Future Look

Android’s Dropcam

Kinect Made A Music Video

Eyesight With Android

Myspace For Sale

Ford GT

Atrix Gets Release Date


Trusted Tech

See Thru Robot

Camera Or Camcorder?

Hotmail Aliases


Motorola Apple War

iPhone Carrier Supremacy War