A Most Recent NY TIMES Post(by Noam Cohen) reports the Marriage Status on Facebook has been Playing Musical chairs with 37 million people going from single to Married(Congrats), and 44 Million Going From Married To Single(Congrats) last month. The Article goes on to question….See Details.

Why do so many people feel the need to actually share this status?
“What is a wedding ring, but a status report?” said Nancy Baym, an associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas Is one answer as to why.
Nancy Also Pointed out Facebook was created with the mindset to find out if someone was single or not
“Dustin, people don’t walk around with a sign on them that says …” Quote From The Social Network
She Also points out how some or a lot of these Status Switches could be ‘Invented’
“People are ‘performing’ relationships on Facebook,” she said, comparing it to the way the site has also made “friendship” into something less than intimate.

I say it’s fun to share your life on Facebook with your actual friends and family, but only share it, don’t live it, don’t fall into the internet gossip, Stressing Who’s Married and Whose Not, I’m Can Only ‘Worry’ about me.
And if you act like a celebrity You should expect what a celebrity gets and doesn’t even want, Overexposure!