The claws are OUT! Earlier today, RiRi agreed to lift the restraining order put forth by the judge against Chris Brown after their big blowout during Grammy weekend 2 years ago. It’s not a full lift, but it lessens it to the point he can have contact with her and be around her as long as he doesn’t annoy, molest or harrass her. A major factor for the lift was he wasn’t able to attend any event he needed to be at because she’d be this year’s Grammy’s where he’s nominated. But the news wasn’t all good to some. Blogger Sandra Rose expressed discontent with the issue…tweeting she’d be unfollowing Rihanna because of it and that was very immature of her and a disappointment to all those who support her. Rihanna managed to catch the tweet and had some very choice words for the blogger! Check out what Rihanna said after the jump.