Lil Kim released her new mixtape, Black Friday, via Twitter yesterday. However instead of a traditional download link, she was selling it for $9.99. Today she tweeted that in just 28 hours, she sold 113,000 copies and “too many hits shut the paypal system DOWN!” and became the #1 seller on Paypal ever” These statements have met MUCH controversy, mostly because people feel like this isn’t very realistic. Karen Civil, of, even broke down some Paypal facts. “For people not familiar with paypal. New business users can make up to atleast 3K first day without the account being suspended..Anything over..paypal will suspend your account for suspicion of fraud. You’ll have to provide, business banking info, license, llc info..all this info must be faxed in an take 2- 3 business days.. With that being said.. Kim you have more people, and we still don’t believe you!” Hmm, not sure how to feel here. So, what do you think? Is Kim keeping it real or bluffing? Take the poll after the jump.