WOW!! Major AC fail!! I sometimes post some hilarious autocorrect mess-ups…like this one…but this one is not funny at all! In fact, it’s a scary reminder of how misconstrued words can really be taken very far out of context. Hit the jump to read about the UK man who was murdered for accidentily calling his friend a “mutter”.


(HP) – What Neil Brook, 33, meant to call Josef Witkowski remains unclear, but at the time the text was sent Brook accidentally called him a “nutter,” the UK’s Bolton News reported. The two had only known each other for about 6 months.

Brook claims he meant to call Witkowski a “mutter,” a somewhat less derogatory term.

After being called insane by his friend, and exchanging a number of inflammatory texts, Witkowski allegedly came to Brook’s flat, where a fight ensued, according to the Daily Mail.

By the end of the scuffle Witkowski suffered over 100 injuries, and eventually died, per CNET.

From the Daily Mail: “Brook is now facing a lengthy spell in jail after being found guilty of manslaughter.
In advance of the visit he had fitted knives to the door and near his bathroom in his flat which hit the victim in the leg. After suffering a knife wound, Mr Witkowski sought sanctuary in the bathroom, but Brook smashed his way through and continued the assault.”