Hope everyone survived yesterday without UberTwitter. Good news is that UberTwitter has some made changes to comply with Twitter, now it’s just awaiting approval before it can be activated. Read what these changes are and what UberTwitter, now UberSocial has to say after the jump!!


UberSocial has been keeping anxious clients updated through Twitter:

UberSoc ÃœberSocial:

“Thanks for all of your support, we are patiently waiting for Twitter to approve the changes we made yesterday to comply with their request”

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“To comply with Twitter TOS, in the new version you won’t be able to tweet more then 140 characters from a protected account, or in a DM”
14 hours ago
“We have a new version ready, just waiting for Twitter to verify it and turn everyone back on.”
14 hours ago
“To be a better partner with Twitter we are changing #UberTwitter’s name to #UberSocial. We will hope to have twitter reactivate us shortly.”

14 hours ago