This is how Tech went down this Week….I Love this stuff ya’ll!!!!! See the Details.

iPhone 5???

President Meets With Tech

Auto Correct Text Murder

New Macbook Pro’s Coming

Apple To Sell TV’s

From UberTwitter To UberSocial

Bigger iPod Or Smaller iPad???

Cure To Baldness

Facebook Could Get You Fired?

iPhone Nano Update

Female Robots

Galaxy S 2 and Tab 2

Sex Sells

Facebook Status Options

Xperia Play

Stop Your Cable Bill

AT&T 1000 Min’s

New Nerf

Motorola Case For iPhone

Body Scanner Image (check the pic)

Facebook Vehicular Homicide

Droid x 2 Leaked

Slow Motion Camera

LG Optimus 3D

Phone Found In Butter

Kid’s Tablet

Nokia Microsoft Babies

Xperia Pro and Neo

Foursquare For Sex

iPhone Telephone

HP Connections

Motorola Atrix

Award Winning iPhone Photo App

PS3 Skins

Difference in 2 iPhone’s

Deep Space

Future Farming

Nerf Super Soaker

Xoom Update

Death Of Mixtape

Nation Enquirer BS

Federal Mistake

Movie App or App Movie?

IBM Super Computer

Android MapQuest

1st Android Netbook

Samsung Car

Best GPS Out


JC Penny

Solar Outages

AT&T Smacks Apple

Gaming Sales Down

Which is The Better iPhone Case