The news of Melo being traded to Knicks hasn’t even been out 24 hours and he already has a sandwich named after him at famous Carnegie Deli. That’s how you know you’ve made it to New York when you have a sandwich named after you…and let me tell you this sandwich is as HUGE as the deal that the Knicks had to make to get Melo!!

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Sandy Levine, owner of the Carnegie Deli, tells TMZ they are already launching the new Melo Sandwich and it is packed with everything you could ever want on a sandwich:

– Pastrami
– Corned Beef
– Salami
– Bacon
– Tomato
– Russian dressing
– On rye bread

The sandwich will run you a cool $21.95 and that price was chosen for a reason — if they sell around 3,000,000 of them … it equals the $65 million contract Melo is likely to sign with the Knicks.

Antacid will cost extra.