Almost……..but not really. It all started with a site posting that Ghostface wasn’t rocking with the new generation of artists, including Wiz Khalifa. Wiz did not take too kindly too it, feeling it was “corny” that he did that. But turns out, the whole site and quote were bogus! Hear what Wiz had said and Ghostface’s reply after the jump.


Wiz’s initial reaction:

Ghostface’s reply via Twitter:
Ayo i wanna address this bullshit going on, this website called bigghostnahmean is a fake website which i have no affiliation with or did i say anthing negative about any of them artists up on that page, got respect for all the young cats coming up doin they thing. tell the kid Wiz, its all love i respect him as a artist and got no issues wit him at all, Once again the website is fake, its not ya boy!

I wouldn’t think Ghost would have said that kind of stuff anyway. Ball’s in your court now, Wiz! Comments???