This concept for a space debris collection and recycling ship from artist Vaughan Ling. Apparently we have enough BS Floating around that it could cause a problem for Space Stations and such, with just 2 pieces of debris making More….See Details.

At some point, there’s going to be enough stuff flying around up there that a chain reaction of collisions could take place, creating so much debris that Earth orbit will end up unusable.

Before this happens, it might be a good idea to start collecting all of the bigger pieces of junk using a ship like this. Vaughan Ling’s conceptual design uses VASIMR plasma rockets, solar sails, deployable balloons, aerogel nets, and ground based lasers to round up and then recycle spent rocket casings and dead satellites.
The Space Debris Collector is one of those concepts that’s got just enough reality behind it to make it extra cool!!!
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