Victoria Secret model, Jessica White, was involved in a fistfight over a cab with another woman in NYC. Today she was in court and rejected a plea deal, her lawyer vowed to fight the misdemeanor assault case. Hit the jump to see some check the pic worthy pics of Jess.


“She is going to be completely exonerated at trial,” said defense attorney Mark Heller. “She is innocent.”

The Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model was charged in the Oct. 23, 2010, fight with Vanessa Kian over a cab outside 116 Tenth Ave., prosecutors said.

White is accused of punching Kian repeatedly in the face, causing cuts, swelling and “substantial pain,” prosecutors said. In addition to assault, the model was charged with harassment in the Oct 23, 2010, fight.

The glamorous White turned down a deal of two days of community service, two days of anger management and $446.96 in restitution. A trial date of May 17 was set.

Heller insisted that Kian, 28, was the aggressor in the scuffle, and promised that a video camera that captured the brawl will exonerate White.