Definitely one of the top 5 worst things you could accidentily send out! University of Illinois students on the Urbana-Champaign campus got quite a scarethe other day, receiving an email alert there was an “active shooter” on campus and telling students to escape the “area if safe to do so or shield/secure your location.” But how do you accidentily do that? Read on for details.


(HP) – Just ten minutes later, U of I police Chief Barbara O’Connor sent the following message to those who received the original warning: “PLEASE DISREGARD THE ILLINI-ALERT MESSAGE SENT REGARDING THE ACTIVE SHOOTER ON CAMPUS! The Illini-Alert message was sent accidently. We sincerely apologize for this accident.” They also tweeted the same message from the university’s Twitter account. What had happened was, a worker updating the emergency message template accidentally sent the message instead of saving it. Yikes!! Students sent out a flurry of nervous tweets, but luckily it was cleared up very quickly. If that was me though, I’d have been halfway down the parkway by the time the correction message was sent out!