Although some vicious reports recently popped up that Paris Hilton was/is a complete racist (she allegedly told ex-pal Neil Strauss in ’99 that she thinks black guys “are gross” and she’d “never touch one”…but today her rep dismissed them and says they plan to sue over the allegations), she took to her blog to proclaim her love for Weezy earlier today. The heiress recently had the chance to interview him for new mag Interview Magazine (that should be an interesting one) and gushed about how much she loved the dread-headed rapper. Hit the jump to read what she had to say.


“So excited to read the interview I did with Lil’ Wayne’ in the new Interview Magazine. I really enjoyed interviewing him. He was so polite, friendly, smart and sweet. So talented and passionate with his love for music. I am such a huge fan! I Love Lil Wayne!!” she wrote. LOL maybe someone should send her over a YMCMB hoodie. Ya heard me.