Well I would more than assume that 3 years old is waaaaayyy tooo young for a tattoo!!!! A man from Georgia, Eugene Ashley, tatted his 3 year old son with the letters “DB” (meaning: Daddy’s Boy) on the kid’s shoulder, which seems like it was produced by the people who make Etch-A-Sketch!!!


Ashley was recently fined and sentenced to 12 months probation for inking the letters “DB” on the boy’s shoulder… apparently it’s illegal in Georgia to tattoo someone under the age of 18. (Well nooo DUHH!!! I could’ve told you that!)

“Daddy’s Boy,” which is a fine thing for a three-year-old to wear on a t-shirt but not to have inked on his shoulder!!!! What will the kids on the playground think when he’s 8? So how young is too young for a tattoo? Immediately after birth? 18 years old? Somewhere directly in between? That sounds about right to me: eight years old, around third grade when kids start joining little league and biker gangs, is the perfect time for a tattoo!!!!!! LOL! NOT! What say you?