Nine suspects were arrested in a $150,000 Counterfeit Clothing Ring in Chicago after Chicago’s Finest made arrest on Apr 12th and 13th.  Detectives conducted a raid of the five businesses owned by the men at five locations… To know where in Chicago check after the jump…

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The locations where these arrest were made:
* Oak Park Tobacco & More, 6300 block of West North Avenue in Oak Park

*State Street Discount, 7100 block of South State Street, Chicago

*North Avenue Discount, 5500 block of West North Avenue, Chicago

*Chicago Avenue Discount, 5600 block of West Chicago, Chicago

*Madison Discount Store, 5100 block of West Madison, Chicago

You can’t get everything for cheap… there is a cost for everything…

This is from Suntimes

“Police arrested eight men and a woman who were allegedly operating a counterfeit apparel sales ring out of stores in Chicago and suburban areas, the Cook County Sheriff’s office announced Saturday.”