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Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is settling some of his expensive debts.

Bryant reached a settlement with a New York-based jeweler over non-payment for $246,000 worth of jewelry.

Mikel J. Bowers, attorney for A+A Diamonds and Rafaello Company, which filed a suit against Bryant last month, confirmed a settlement was reached but wouldn’t disclose the terms.

Bryant purchased $267,000 worth of jewelry from A+A Diamonds LTD d/b/a Rafaello & Company, which makes high-end jewelry for celebrities and athletes.

Bryant’s attorney, Texas state Sen. Royce West, had said they were trying to settle the issue, which eventually happened.

Bryant’s most expensive purchase was a $60,000 custom charm bracelet. He made the purchases on four different days last year, spending as much as $144,000 on Feb. 8, 2010, according to court documents.

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