Lil’ B had quite the interesting performance at Coachella including a crowd surf from Tyler the Creator, an inflatable dolphin, and more importantly the title of his new album. Trust me you’ll want to read exactly what he said I’m not sure if I should say Thank You Based God or What Are You Thinking Based God? Hit the jump to read the craziness!


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Coachella 2011: Lil B, Decibels of swag, spatulas, and the occasional inflatable dolphin
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April 17, 2011 | 1:35 am

The T-shirt literature in the crowd at Lil B’s performance includes: “Thank You Based God,” “Swag on a Hundred Thousand,” and the more direct, “Swag.” There is everything but the chef’s hats during the San Francisco rapper’s set in the Oasis tent.

Count the items in the air: spatulas, tongs, an inflatable dolphin, and, in the crowd, an adolescent Glenn Danzig doppelganger. He rocks a Suicidal Tendencies tee and mom jeans hacked to look like pantaloons. There is an absurdly pretty girl in a bikini pumping her fists. A teenaged Bill-Gates-looking guy with a matching nerd backpack is pogoing in front of me. They are all chanting “swag.” There are 500 more of them.