Since Cam and Vado Stopped by the Big Show to talk about their New Album “Gunz & Butter”(in store Today), and We Go Way Back, it was a great time to ask an important question, so I did, Hit the Jump for an Exclusive IFWT Tech Talk Q & A with the Harlem Hip Hop Dynamic Duo!!!

TW: Hey guys, let me 1st say Congrats on all the heat your producing for the street right Now!

C&V: Good Looking Tat!

TW: Not a Prob My G’s So I Only have a couple of Question’s, 1st up, What is your favorite Mobile device, be it a Laptop, Cell phone(Smartphone), Tablet, whatever? And Why?

Cam: Well mine is my Phone, My iPhone, it has everything I Need, I don’t have to worry about calls it has great reception, and I can get any App I want on it. and the Web is the truth, I can see any website on it, like, the way it’s supposed to be seen!

Vado: I got the Blackberry Torch, and it’s cool with the touchscreen and the button’s, and the internet is good on it, but honestly I’m getting ready to get the iPhone as well.

TW: ok real quick, what do you think about the iPad?

Cam: It’s cool but I don’t see the point, it’s really just a big ass iPhone, and I have an iPhone

Vado: I’m not stressing that either.

TW: Alright cool, I know you guys are about to go celebrate that Album coming out So I’m not even gonna hold you up, But Killa, Please Don’t forget me when You start shooting “Killa Season 2”!

Cam: Got you Tat, for sure My Dude!

Don’t forget to Go Cop that “Gunz & Butter” In Stores Today !!!!!!!