Of course I’m Voting For the incumbent, Pres. Obama, But there are a lot of people trying to make noise right now, so hit the jump, take the Poll, and Tell us who you want to see President in Jan 2013???

Who Would You Vote For???
President Obama
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Sarah Palin
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney
Rudy Giuliani
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Pres. Obama- Come on, you know that’s the right choice, but has gotten a lot of criticism

Donald Trump- Who I think is just getting his visibility up for al of his other ventures

Sarah Palin- Who has high visibility, but may not be our best choice

Rudy Giuliani- As being a resident in NYC during his mayoral tenor, I say Hell NO

Mike Huckabee- Uh I personally don’t think so, but he has a strong Following

Mitt Romney- Once again, I don’t see how he’s good for the Country, but has a strong following

Hillary Clinton- Although she said she’s not running, She would be my only choice AFTER President Obama

Interesting enough, this is the most diverse set of candidates in our time, A Blackman, 2 Women, only 3 White men, and The Donald!!!