It’s time we ask Rick Ross the Boss what phone a Boss uses, so hit the Jump!

IFWT had a chance to get Rick Ross on the phone and ask a few questions(you already know how we do)

Wza: Hey Boss what’s good?

Ross: What’s up man how you?

Wza: Just grinding Fam, so what phone do you use Sir?

Ross: I use the iPhone for all my business.

Wza: What’s the 3 Favorite you things you do on or like about your iPhone?

Ross: Man I like the
(1) Spell Check/ Auto Correct

(2) I love my Twitter

(3) no doubt my iTunes so I can listen to my music.

Wza: What Twitter App do you use?

Ross: I use Seesmic, pretty easy

Wza: Ok Cool, Good Looking Sir, I know your Busy so I’m def gonna stop taking your time, Good Looking again Fam!

Ross: Aight man later.

There you have it people, Ross is on the iPhone as the smartphone battle rages on!!!