Alfred Stewart, a 31-year-old deaf man from Florida was stabbed(but he’s Ok) while parting at a local club with some friends. While minding their business and communicating with each other via sign language, a Female gang member across the floor observed them, and as you can imagine some type of hell broke loose, but hit the jump to see more. S/O to @KarenCivil on the Tip

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According to PHILIP CAULFIELD at the Daily News,

The 45 year old Female gang member proceeded to stand in front of them and throw gang signs, as they waved her off, she left and came back with 2 more gang members, a 19 year old and a 17 year old, and the 19 yr old started to stabb Stewart. Stewart and a bartender that got a bottle broke over his hear are recovering in the Hospital, thank god no one was killed, but This Is Crazy!!! They were just trying to enjoy themselves and communicate with each other. And of course they were thinking “why is this rough looking chick in front of us faking Sign language” and She was probably thinking “Why are these guys being Phony”. How Ironic this happened due to Miscommunication, over Communication!