You Know how we do, Terrence J from 106th & Park was ate the station Earlier, an we all jumped in on some piranha in the water with Questions that help break down his life, and when we asked him 3 things he can’t live without, They All came up Digital and that’s when I jumped in for a couple more ?’s, Hit The Jump to Se what’s going On Here!


WZA: Terrence J, good to Meet You My Brother, I really like your Energy up here at the Station!

TJ: Thanks Man, I appreciate that, How are You?

WZA: I’m good My Dude, But listen let’s get to the Biz, What are 3 things you can’t do without?

1 My iPhone (King)

2 My Blackberry
3 My iPad

WZA: Ok Your doubling up on the Phones, Why 2?

TJ: Yup, Double fisted, Well My iPhone is an iPhone, and I use my BB for Email, and BBM

WZA: You know they are bringing BBM to iPhone!

TJ: Well when they do that, I may very well get rid of my BB.

WZA: What Apps do you use on your iPhone?

TJ: I really only use 2, the Official 106 & Park iPhone App, and I play a good bit of Angry Birds, I’m like a Champion!

WZA: And what do you use you iPad for?

TJ: Mostly to watch Movies when I’m on a Flight.

WZA: Ok that makes sense, Yo I really Appreciate it My Dude, When we post these, please Can we get a RT?

TJ: Definitely!

That was Terrence J from 106 & Park, Filling in for Angie this week, Tune in People!!!