I told You the New Commodore was coming back, and the Rumor Is It’s got a New Metal Molds under the Plastic for more durability, hit the jump!

Ok so as I researched this it seems as though some people don’t think the Commodore making a come back is a good idea because although a powerful computer in a keyboard, it’s just a keyboard, and they say that does not make sense to them in this Digital world to have a keyboard with no monitor, and altough I see their point, I don’t totally agree, I think there is plenty of room for a viewless computer, like all these HD TV’s coming out with WiFi capabilities and built in Web Browsers, a Commodore could live, but I will say $600 might be a lot for a TV accessory, but if you got it, it might be worth it. Here’s The Picture I found in My research, but I may get a New one from My Source(Shout To Habs!!!!)

Here’s the Email I got From @HHawk aka Harry Hawk aka “Habs”