A man from Wisconsin plans to eat his 25,000 Big Mac today. 39 years after he has eaten his first Big Mac. Hit the jump to read more .


A man in Wisconsin plans to eat his 25,000th McDonald’s Big Mac today, 39 years after taking his first Big Mac bite in all its special saucy goodness on May 17, 1972.

The dedicated Don Gorske eats these fake-meat-filled-heart-attack-in-a-bun sammiches daily. He hoards the old cartons. He even keeps a couple Macs on him when traveling, for fear of not finding a nearby McDonald’s.

So many questions. Why does he count the number of nasty sandwiches he consumes? Does he order the Value Meal with fries? Is he friends with Morgan Spurlock? How is he still alive? These and other burning burger questions can be answered in the full story. I’m so grossed out. And kinda hungry.