According to a survey done by the FCC, out of 29 countries the USA is ranked 9th in fixed broadband penetration  on a per capita basis and 12th in per percentage.

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every quarter the FCC releases a report based on Broadband speed and every month the report shows how far behind the USA doing against other countries, The US is ranked behind countries such as UK, South Korea, Iceland, the Netherlands and several others. One of the FCC’s main focus is to improve the landscape of broadband here in the United States but we can not  improve th landscape if we continue to fall behind in adaptation. Countries such as The United Kingdom, South Korea  and Iceland were among countries to top the United States’ 63 percent broadband adoption rate.


In the report done by the FCC  was said that  an average download speed was found to be 11.7 Mbps in New York with a population of nearly 8.4 million people compared with 35.8 Mbps for the 10 million residents of Seoul, South Korea.


Here is the stats from the FCC report