Earlier tonight, I posted some of Chris Brown’s tweets, where he was writing a series of things that seemed to be going at a few possible people. “All this demonic music is wack as shit! What happened to people being happy? #yeahisaidit,” Chris tweeted. “I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence,and destruction with my music! #fuckouttahere” Of course the Twittersphere blew up, saying he was going at his ex Rihanna for her new video or Odd Future for their kind of music. Find out what happened from there after the jump!!


A little while after the tweets marinated and circulated the mean streets of Twitter, Chris made sure to clear it up a bit.

“And for all the idiots in the audience this convo wasn’t for @rihanna.”

Cool, now that we got that straight…what about the guys of Odd Future? Well, it didn’t go so smooth with them. Tyler the Creator took to his Twitter for some not-so-sub tweets first.

LMFAO!! I love C. Breezy but those were pretty funny. Stunt double for highlighter??? Cryinggg!!! LOL!!

Chris then wanted to clear it up, though, and make sure Odd Future knew he wasn’t referring to them either. “Never mentioned @fucktyler or any of them Niggas! General statement and your hype man hodgy caught feelings! #niggasthatfeelguilty,” he wrote. Kind of a rude way to clear the air but at least he did so. Tyler was more than happy with that response and cleaned up his own tweets as well.

“@chrisbrown Dude “Look At Me Now” Is My Shit. I Really Like That Song. It Makes Me Feel Like, Invincible, Like, I Can Just Punch Something,” Tyler wrote to Chris. “Its No Beef Between Me And @chrisbrown . I Really Like That Fucking Song Tho, No Being Sarcastic.” He made a couple more jokes for fun (like asking if Chris likes soup???) and finished it with “Anyway, If You Ever Need BEATS, Let Me Know, They HIT HARD. Peace Fam. And Congrats On That Double Plat.”

Play nice, boys! Don’t let this get any further. Big ups to Tyler for being super mature about it all. Chris, not so much. This whole rant was silly from the start. Chill out and get ready for Summer Jam on Sunday, Breezy!! We’re looking forward to your show!!