Dating can be fun and carefree but when children are added to the mix, things can get complicated.  Find out some key Do’ s and Don’t s of dating someone with children after the jump!



While being introduced to your dates child may seem as casual as seeing a random kid in the grocery store or park, it is usually much more complicated.  There are some underlying factors that are churning throughout this process.  Be confident that the relationship is actually GOING SOMEWHERE!  You don’t want to begin building a bond with the kid if the relationship is just temporary!


Respect the disciplinary structure that is already in place with that kid.  Understand that although you are spending a lot of time with the child’s parent, you are not their parent.  This is often a difficult tight rope to walk because you don’t want to seem uninterested or detached.  Just think carefully before you assume any type of parental authority.


Raising a child requires a lot of time and effort and that doubles for single parents.  Remember that although he or she might want to spend more time with you, they have to prioritize.  Think about it.  Every day they have to get their kid ready for school in the morning, go to work, attend a soccer game or run to a PTA meeting then round for home base and put the kids in bed.  THAT’S A LOT!  Try to pitch in or if you want to make plans with them, suggest plans that are considerate of their busy schedule!

Baby Mama/ Baby Daddy:

So we already know that the word DRAMA could’ve easily followed that title but there DOESN’T have to be drama!  Be patient with your love interest about the mother or father of their kid.  Those two will be working together for the rest of their lives towards raising their child.  If that reality is too much to bare for ya, then you don’t need to mess with someone that has a kid.  Of course there are those baby mamas and papas that might attempt to deliberately obstruct your relationship.  It comes with the territory.  Just try to always remain positive.  If that doesn’t work, you always have the option of finding someone without children.