Liza Rios says Joell Ortiz’s “Big Pun’s Back” is disrespectful to his legacy!!! She went on Facebook to express how she felt about the song. Claiming that Pun’s son should be the only one who can make such a record. Hit the jump to read the res of the story and what else she had to say.


Today, Liza Rios voiced her thoughts on facebook about Joell Ortiz’s tribute to Big Pun in his song, “Big Pun’s Back”.

According to Mrs. Rios, the song was “disrespectful” and Ortiz will never be the next Big Pun as Pun’s “only son [Christopher Lee Rios] should Be the ONLY one to claim that BIG PUN is back, [and] can fill his shoes”.

Joell Ortiz went on his Twitter and simply responded with: