While Joe Budden was out in Miami this past weekend for a show…he had one of the most ironic run-ins ever: Derrick Ward, the NFL running-back that ultimately led to the breakup of him and ex-girlfriend, Esther Baxter. It became public information when Joe put all the gritty details of their breakup in his recent song, Ordinary Love Sh*t Part 3, where he name dropped Derrick, sparking trending topics for all parties involved that night on Twitter. In an interview with Funk Flex shortly after the song dropped, Joe revealed that he and Derrick later spoke via DM on Twitter and both were very mature about it and came to the conclusion the woman was to blame in this situation so both were real cool with eachother. But then weeks later, Derrick randomly released a video where he and his boys were dissing Joe. That was the last thing to happen before their Miami run in, where they met face to face for the first time. Find out what happened after the jump.

@MarisaMendez x @gametimegirl

When the pair met in Miami, both were real cool about it! Derrick happened to be staying at the hotel that Joe was at and they ran into eachother at the pool. They gave eachother a quick dap, spoke for a second and kept it moving. No harsh words, no awkward standoffs. Anddd of course I had to get a picture, shout to Killa Touch on the paparazzi skills. Ha! What are the odds these two would be at the same hotel at the same time?! Too funny!