Ooh I’m so excited!! I’ve missed Dave’s comedy since his show went off six years ago. But now he’s working on a new show so we can get some more of that classic comedy! Find out details after the jump.


(HP) – Six years after walking away from what was perhaps the top comedy on TV, fleeing to Africa and leaving a mass of confusion — and dearth of laughter — in his wake, a new report says that Dave Chappelle is working on a new show for a subscription entertainment service.

Chappelle, whose two+ season run on Comedy Central’s “Chapelle Show” remains some of the most cutting edge and popular comedy of the past decade, is working to create a show for a service such as Netflix or Crackle, The Daily reports.

Netflix has already plunked down $100 million for Kevin Spacey’s “House of Cards,” while Crackle, owned by Sony, has a show called “Backwash,” starring Jon Hamm.

Chapelle left his show in 2005, upset creatively and personally.

“I want to make sure I’m dancing and not shuffling,” he told Time Magazine in 2005 about his frustration with the show. “What ever decisions I make right now I’m going to have live with. Your soul is priceless.” Speaking of the show’s first two seasons, he said they “had a real spirit to them. I want to make sure whatever I do has spirit.”

He was also upset with many people around him.

“During my ascent, I’ve seen other people go through that wall to become really big,” he said. “They always said that fame didn’t change them but that it changes the people around them. You always hear that but you never really understand it. But now that I’m there that makes a lot of sense and I’m learning what that means. You have to have people around you that you can trust and aren’t just out for a meal ticket.”