It very well could be, apparently The game publishers are tight that people get to buy used games at a much cheaper price(and they don’t get to see any $ on) So they started making games that are a one hitter quitter -_-
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Capcom is the 1st game publisher to produce a game, Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the 3DS, that will only be abled to played with one persons data saved, so if you’re used to playing a game then lending it to a family member or friend so they can try their luck, they will only be able to play it if they have your saved data. They can’t really do their thing, just expand on yours -_-
This will really Suck if it catches on, and I will say if it does it will be the end of the gaming boom, people will rent games NOT Buy, who’s gonna buy a $60 game to play 1 damn time???? (Sorry Game Stop)