Don’t Worry, Go on Lunch, Go Out Tonight, Go On Vacation, Just Take your Phone With You(just Not actually In the pool) and You Will Be Able To See #IFWT aka Right on your Blackberry, Android, And King iPhone of course!!! Hit the Jump to find out more!
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Ok we know you’ve had issue’s in the past when you see one of Our from your twitter/Facebook on your phone, BUT worry NO More, it’s Easy as 1 2 3 Now. And We would like to make it up to you by continuing to giving you the Best News, Sports, Tech, Kicks, “Caught On Tape”, “Look At The Mo’f*ckin Wheels”, “Flex Flicks”, And of course “CHECK THE PIC’s” First!!!!
A little piece of knowledge, when on a pic like say a “Check The Pic”, just hit the menu button on your phone, and you can save the pic, Your welcome!!!