has reported that Apple plans on releasing a new 3G iPod Touch in September. With options that are available for the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, the report claims that users will be able to purchase the iPod from carriers directly  with a data plan.

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According to “It will work just like the iPad; you get a 3G enabled simcard from your provider and put that in you iPod Touch. Apple’s choice of bringing 3G to the iPod Touch isn’t all that weird, if it’s true of course. Question remains how the providers will react to this, since the use of for example Skype will skyrocket”. Only time will tell what Apple has in it’s plans on releasing their devices as rumors fly about their iPhone 5 and 4s and now an option for a 3g iPod Touch. Apple has been very tight lipped about their products this year, some Analysts believe that the new iPhone will only be a refresher with iOS 5 and some think it maybe a new design possibly running on a 4G network.  Only 1 thing is certain with Apple, when they release their new line of products is they will be laughing all the way to the bank.