Earlier today, a story made its rounds on news sites claiming that a Casey Anthony look-alike was attacked because of her resemblance to the notorious former defendant. However, according to the alleged victim Sammay Blackwell, this story is bogus. Read more after the jump!!


(TMZ)–Sammay Blackwell, who lives in Pryor, Oklahoma, was driving home after work when another driver followed her and struck her vehicle, flipping it off the road.

A local TV station aired a story, claiming the woman that ran Sammay off the road did it because of her resemblance to Casey Anthony.

But TMZ has obtained a copy of the police report, and there is no mention of the Casey Anthony connection.

We then spoke with Sammay, who told us the story was made up: “They played it out to make it seem like it happened to me because I look like Casey Anthony.”

Sammay added, “I never said I look like Casey Anthony and the lady never said I look like Casey Anthony [to the police].”