After recently signing to 50 Cent’s G-Unit records, Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo sat down with MTV’s RapFix and discussed more details about the deal which is apparently worth $10 millie!! Hit the jump for more!!


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“Basically, 50 is like my major behind me,” Shawty said. “I still kept my label, D4L, I just joined forces with G-Unit, so it’s D4L/G-Unit. 50 got more outlets to take me to more places. I could’ve signed with a lot of labels, but I feel like 50 is a marketing genius and we have similar lifestyles coming up, and I feel like he knows what it’s going to take to get me where I need to be.”

Shawty Lo was in discussions with other labels, but “RapFix” host Sway Calloway asked the “Dey Know” rapper what the conversation was like when he sat down with 50 Cent to discuss their future business plans.

“It was fun. We ate, we kicked it,” Shawty said. “The meeting, it was a seven-hour meeting. I had seven meetings on the table, but when me and 50 sat down, it was like a seven-hour meeting. It was very crazy, man. We had one break, and it was just thought of the minds, man. That’s where I took my talents to, G-Unit.”

A big reason Shawty Lo decided to partner with G-Unit was his disdain for 360 deals. In these deals, instead of just profits from record sales, labels also claim a percentage of an artist’s proceeds from merchandise and touring.

“That was my main reason to go do the deal with 50 is because I hate the 360 situation,” Lo said. “I signed a 50/50 deal with 50. It was for a very large amount of money. But the money, it ain’t for me to flex and spend it; it’s for me to run a label down in the South. Instead of the artists having to fly all the way up to New York or fly to the West Coast to get a deal, I’m based in the South, so they can come and see me.”

It was reported that the D4L/G-Unit deal was worth even more than what a “large amount” suggests, which Shawty Lo confirmed: “Yes, it’s a $10 million deal.”