As I am always looking for the New thing, just like when we brought you planking back in May, and it caught on late June, We found something just as crazy, not as dumb as cone-ing, this one is a lot more like Planking, the new thing is owling, Hit the jump for an explanation, and more flicks, and if your jumping on this early, either send photo’s to [email protected], or give them to ME on twitter @TatWza!!!
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Don’t know the true story, but apparently because some people died from Planking, and some others felt planking had a racist background(something to do with Slaves being forced to plank when they traveled across sea) people looked for the new thing to do, and We have Owling!!! Maybe Marisa will get Budden to sweat this as Well. Don’t forget, send your photo’s of your Owling to me at [email protected], or hit me Tat WZA on twitter, and I’ll get you up here!!! Enjoy these examples of Owling!!!