In support of Joell Ortiz’ “Big Puns Back”, Slim Joe kind of tore down a few of Big Pun’s close associates who made it public they weren’t feeling the tribute to the late Christopher Rios. Check out what he told XXL during an interview after the jump.


Fat Joe is not a fan of Big Pun’s friends. While speaking with, the veteran Bronx MC spoke about his disgust with the backlash fellow Puerto Rican rapper Joell Ortiz received from Pun’s former associates after dropping “Big Pun Back,”—an ode to the Terror Squad rep over the instrumental to Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back.”

When asked what he thought of the Pun tribute, Joey Crack responded: “I thought it was incredible. I thought it was great. I never seen a guy in my fuckin’ life get backlash for fuckin’ biggin’ up somebody.”

“See, what happened is Big Pun was surrounded by an enormous amounts of idiots,” he added. “And, sad to say, as big of a genius he was, and beautiful as he was, and I’m not just sayin’ that ’cause he dead, ’cause he was the most loyal, beautiful person… He’s my brother. I worship him to death… But, it’s unfortunate he was surrounded by a bunch of fuckin’ idiots. Nincompoops. You got a younger Spanish dude who’s hot in the streets and he wants to honor Big Pun and you throw slander at him and you disrespect him for fuckin’ only honoring Pun? How do expect anybody else to honor Big Pun?! Or talk about him in a good way?!”

“This is the shit, I hope people can open their eyes and see the shit that Fat Joe has been dealing with for the last 12 years,” he continued. “It’s fuckin’ idiotic. It’s fuckin’ lunacy at its finest. ‘I don’t think you should’ve bigged up Pun.’ Like, what the fuck are you talkin’ about? He’s honoring Big Pun, showing respect to Big Pun. What’s the problem? We can’t do that? We’re honoring the one fuckin’ Spanish nigga that wants to step up and say, ‘Guess what? Man, I love Big Pun. Big Pun’s back.’ Where’s the disrespect? I never seen shit like this in my life. Amazing, man. I think I got more upset than Joell Ortiz did, but I know the type of people he’s dealing with.”

Recently Latino MC, Peedi Crakk and former Terror Squad members Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine publicly voiced their displeasure with Ortiz’s song. While Joe says he hasn’t heard their comments, he doesn’t feel as though their opinions are even relevant. “I really don’t tune in to these niggas,” he said. “Like, who are these niggas? To be honest with you, they aren’t even relevant. I just hear the gossip niggas tell me, ‘like this nigga said’… I was like, ‘what?’ There you go. That’s why niggas can’t do the tribute to Pun, all proceeds to his kids. Niggas can’t do the VH1 Honors, ’cause these niggas are straight scums of the Earth. Straight scumbags. Like I said, Big Pun, as beautiful as he was, as an angel of a guy, ’cause he’s an angel.. Big Pun would take a crackhead off the streets and give him chicken at his house and rice and beans in one second. He was a great dude and a great father. But, it’s sad that he was surrounded by so many fuckin’ bad people. For real, it’s crazy.”