ATL rapper/actor Bow Wow is currently quite displeased with Twitter, after a fake RT by popular tweeter @OfficiallyIce (pretending to be from Bow Wow) made its rounds on the social network, with users adding their own jabs toward Bow along with it. The tweet read, “RT @BowWow Haters can say what they want. I bet you can’t name another rapper-turned-actor better than me.” Of course Twitter users had a field day with this one, being that if it had been a real tweet, that would have been QUITE a bold statement on Bow’s behalf. In the RT’s of it that followed, people added any and everyone they thought was a better rapper/actor than him…which equated to pretty much any artist that ever had even a teeny weeny acting part…all to poke more fun at Bow Wow. Naturally, he didn’t find it as funny as everyone else did and contrary to Tyga (whom this happened to as well recently, also courtesy of Ice, but he just laughed it off), Bow threatened to take action. Read what he said after the jump.

Marisa Mendez

Oh come on, Bow Wow! Pull your skirt down!! It was all in fun. Lighten up a little, would ya!!